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Approaching the moving body as an art-making, storytelling and healing medium. I am informed by my background in psychology, ongoing embodied research in the field of Mad Studies, dance movement practice and applied experience in the mental health field.


I start from the premise that your body and your unconscious knows. It knows your story, even the parts you've pushed away, out of sight. It knows how you really feel, it cares not for shoulds and crucially, your body knows what you want and what you need to heal. As your embodiment facilitator, I offer you prompts and invitations through a combination of embodied practices and mark-making exercises that may lead you to reveal the threads that are important to you, so we may weave your story, your artwork or your way to healing into being.


I approach experiences of distress as ecologically entangled and explore the body, through dance movement improvisation, as an art-making and storytelling medium. Taking an experimental approach, I develop the scripts I use for facilitating sessions from my own movement practice using slow-somatic movement and guided imagery. The prompts and invitations I offer to facilitate guided movement are inspired by the movements of non-human animals, the elements and other objects. The practice offers exploratory and playful ways into the body as a site for listening to the inner self by tracing sensations, moving from impulse and allowing the body to speak through writing, drawing, moving and storytelling. I take a collaborative, person-centred and trauma-informed approach to all of my work.

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