About Me

Fabienne Formosa, a white woman standing in front of a light coloured teal and white leaf printed wallpaper background. She is looking directly toward the frame with her head slightly tilted toward the left. She is the lead Embodied Practice artist & facilitator in London, England.

I am an interdisciplinary creative practitioner and doctoral researcher with the Visual Cultures department at Goldsmiths College, University of London. My fascination with bodymind practices started while I was reading Far Eastern philosophies for my first degree with the University of Malta, between 2009 and 2011. During this time, I started experimenting with various meditation techniques and observing the affects these techniques had on my own psyche, led me to complete an M.Sc in Psychology with the University of Essex, in 2013. I then moved away from academic research and plunged myself into the mental health field in London; working in various third-sector mental health services, across different boroughs and diverse client groups, taking psychosocial approaches to the experience of crisis. Before moving into private practice, I facilitated bodymind practices in a mental health crisis recovery service in Islington. It is my experience of working with mainstream understandings of mental distress, alongside intensely devoting myself to nurturing and growing my dance movement improvisation practice, that led me to take body-centred and interdisciplinary approach to both my practice and research. I situate my work with the healing arts and work with an artistic-embodied methodology, that seeks to facilitate a creative process of embodied storytelling and finding alternative ways of articulating the entanglements of distress.