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7.7.2023  - 14.7.2023 at Ponderosa Lunow-Stolzenhagen

Generously funded by the Visual Cultures department at Goldsmiths College, I participated in the first week of P.O.R.C.H/ Veranda focusing on Practice with Abby Crain (USA), Layton Lachman (DE), and Ivanka Tramp (DE). 

"the unknown and all the creatures and the plants, invites expansive collective dancing,  individual practice, deep rest, and serious play. Morning class will be based in Open Source  Forms, an improvisational and experientially focused dance based movement practice which is  fluidly expanded from Skinner Releasing Technique. Through the use of non-anatomical images,  gentle hands-on work, and play between energetic states, the class leads participants toward  unruly, vibrating, multidirectional and multidimensional dances." 

I also shared my practice as a performance as part of the weekly practice sharings. 

You can read more about the annual programme and all the wonderful things Ponderosa has to offer via the link below:


Eco-Somatic Residency: Human-Nature Connect, Ingleton, Yorkshire Dales, UK.


Video Credit: A short film by Amaia Mugica and Bruno Rocha for Third Sector Renewables in partnership with Intercultural Roots, Move2Change and quietnote. Funded by The National Lottery Community Fund and BA Better World Community Fund.

Together with a collective of 30 artists including movers and dancers, vocalists and musicians, circus and theatre performers and more, we were filmed being with our practice in site-specific chorus with and within the beautiful hills, limestone pavements and caves near to Ingleton.


Fabienne Formosa presenting their doctoral research at a practice-research symposium hosted by Intercultural Roots.


Arts of The Body: somatic and social change, 28 – 30 October 2022, Open House Hackney, London.

Together with Dr. Thomas Kampe and Julia Pond we collaboratively presented our practice-research offering three approaches to how personal and social transformation might co-develop through critical practices of embodiment. 

The working group formed part of a 3 day practice-as-research symposium centering the theme "To Be With" through a prismatic lens of artistic and somatic language and discourse.


Artist Soup Kitchen - Profound Silliness: The Fool as an Egg-Spurt.

Huge Sillytoe and Fabienne Formosa speaking poster advert at AirSpace Gallery.


A Collaboration with AirSpace Gallery Fool-in-Residence, Huge Sillytoe for a conversation around what it means to be a fool in contemporary society.

Saturday 17th of September, 2022 from 12pm - 4pm 

AirSpace Gallery, 4 Broad Street, Stoke-on-Trent, ST1 4HL. 

Profound Silliness will explore the deep meaninglessness of fooling, rallying against the commonplace rejection of nonsense as trivial to excavate some of the endless ways in which acts that go beyond the realms of the sensible may express feelings, ideas, and possibilities that cannot fit on the strictly delineated pages of the 'normal'. Major themes will include (de)constructions of madness, anti-authoritarianism(s), eggs, and spurts.

SOUP: A Fool's Soup - Turmeric* Vegetable soup served with Egg (v,vg)

* Curcumin, the bioactive compound found in turmeric, has been linked to treating anxiety, depression and inflammation

BREAD: Home made Crusty and Gluten Free alternative


Click on the pointing finger below for more information and to book your spot. Do get in touch if you would like to invite us to speak at your event.


Fabienne Formosa presenting their practice-research at IFTR world congress at the University of Iceland.


Embodied storytelling and the ecological entanglements of distress: practice-led research of mad experience in a time of crisis. Ph.D. presentation, University of Iceland, 2022 IFTR Conference.

Fabienne Formosa presenting their research at Powes 2019 conference poster presentation.


Poster presentation at Powes Annual 2019 Conference

  Cumberland Lodge, Windsor, UK: 10-12th July 2019.

"theorising feminisms; femininities; masculinities; non-binary gender; gender identities; parenting; gender violence and sexual exploitation; sexualities; mental health; health; sport; education; work; qualitative/critical methodologies; social justice; activism; race; disability; class; intersectionality."

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