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Reiki in London

Reiki is a complementary health practice known to support with managing stress and anxiety, promoting relaxation and restoring a general sense of well-being. Working with Reiki is also known as a body mind healing practice fostering an integrative experience between the emotional, spiritual and mental energy bodies through the felt-sense. As a Reiki practitioner trained within the lineage of Mikao Usui, I follow the traditional Japanese Usui Reiki method to facilitate this process.

In embodied therapeutic arts, healing involves cultivating awareness of hidden parts of the self by paying attention to the breath, sensations on the skin, muscle tension, movement, bodily rhythms and other processes that are usually in the background of everyday life. The shift in attention to the body and unconscious bodily processes can be facilitated directly by the practitioner through touch, as in practices like Reiki and Shiatsu, and through techniques like the body scan and attention to breathing in yoga and meditation. I also offer Reiki sessions combined with guided meditation for an enhanced embodied awareness experience.


Sessions are available in-person in wellness centres in or as home visits in  London. 


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